A Casual Fellowship where we celebrate our wins and get encouraged with our struggles. A station to fill-up or be use to fuel others.


Music is the heartbeat of this ministry, it is not only about skills and talent, it’s a lifestyle. Being a leader in this one spiritual walk, he/ she needs to be in an ongoing growth curve.


The importance of this ministry is what ushers and draws people closer to His presence which is reflective of Refuel's vision, goals and lifestyle.


Prayer  Team plays an important role in Refuel Church, they are the one who are continuously praying  for our people, our events, our pastors and everything that is needed to be prayed for. I f you have any prayer requests: email us at info@refuelchurch.org or call us at 647.575.0222.


We at Refuel have the heart for Mission, we are comissioning ourselves to help the community locally or internationally. Partner with us.


At Refuel Church we want our kids parents to feel relaxed when they come to service by taking care of their children and also setting up a Godly foundation in their children’s lives. 


Hosting plays a vital role in forming a guest first impression of our church and to some, their first impression of Jesus Christ.


Host are the face, personification, the representative, and the exemplar, that is the church embodied.  Their very presence is the first living impression of the Refuel Church Family. A Host must take to heart and realize that they are the style and spirit of the Refuel Church in human form. 



2723 St. Clair Ave E

East York, ON M4B 1M8

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